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Life C Chewable

Want to protect your body from free radicals and helps your immune system? Life C Chewable is a powerful anti-oxidizing agent, which strengthens your immune system and supports your overall health and wellness.

Main Features

Life C Chewable contains vitamin C as the primary ingredient, providing your body with anti-oxidant support. Along with this, it also helps absorption in your body, allowing it to enjoy more nutrients. As a result, your overall health and wellness is promoted.

The Details

Acts as an anti-oxidizing agent

Vitamin C is known for its anti-oxidizing properties. Life C incorporates seven different forms of this vitamin and uses them to protect your body against free radicals. Each of these forms is helps for slightly varying functions, providing your body with extensive anti-oxidizing support.

Increases absorption

Vitamin C is not only an anti-oxidizing agent, but it also increases the absorption of nutrients in the blood stream. Each form of vitamin C contributes to a different absorption mechanism.

Includes essential vitamins and minerals

Life C offers you nutritional value, which improves your health. It includes a number of essential minerals and vitamins that are extremely effective in this regard. It also impresses the absorption of iron in the body.

Improves the efficiency of your immune system

Life C helps your immune functioning and encourages faster healing of wounds.

Aids in a number of functions

Life C caters to a number of your health needs. It maintains healthy gums and increases the production of collagen. Along with this, the product also provides support to your nervous system and encourages metabolism of fat. The effect of all this is helps health and wellness.



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