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4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo™

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Description (English)

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High-quality support supplement for you and your family by dealing with aging effects and everyday stress.*


4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo™ is the ultimate formula to keep you youthful and healthy.* It lets you deal with stress resulting from various issues such as unhealthy dietary habits, aging, and exercise, in a better way.* The ingredients are carefully chosen to keep your body from aging effects and fatigue resulting from a hectic routine.*


Product Detail

4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo™ is synergistically formulated to provide much needed energy and vigor to deal with fatigue resulting from everyday activities such as exercise, work  andtraveling.* It renovates your mental and physical health and helps you deal better with physiological stress.*

It helps reduce stress and bodily issues resulting from:

·       Exercise*

·       Work*

·       Aging*

·       Poor sleeping*

·       Unhealthy eating habits*

·       Environmental stressors such as air travel or pollution*

What Does 4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo Offer?

The product helps stress and anxiety issues resulting from aforementioned sources, and also improves the overall immune system.* The details are listed below:

·       Provides immune system support components and body system-specific adaptogenic herbs*

·       Significantly lessens the natural inflammatory response to occasional stress*

·       Creates a more effective environment in which your body learns to deal with stress in a better way*

·       Boosts up the natural recovery system of your body to keep it in a healthy state*



How Does It Do It?

The product is composed of components known to be effective in promoting a healthy lifestyle.* The products keep you healthy by carrying out these functions in your body.*

·       Facilitates increased stress-management ability by addressing five body functions on which the aging process and the strength of your immune system depends: brain and mood, muscle and energy, sexual health and vitality, adrenal function and recovery, and mitochondria and metabolism.*

·       Increases the body’s capacity to fight free radicals and considerably cuts down the harmful pro-inflammatory mediator, TNF-alpha.*

·       Increases antioxidant capacity in the body.*

What Causes Inflammation?

While inflammation is the body’s natural way of keeping stress at bay, if allowed to go out of hand, it can present serious issues. Major sources of inflammation are: aging, obesity,   poor cognitive and sexual health. 

Research Provides Evidence For The Products Effectiveness

4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo™ was found to considerably reduce the adverse effects of unhealthy, high-fat diet at a placebo-controlled, 30-day safety and efficacy study, conducted at the University of Missouri, Department of Biomedical Sciences (Columbia, MO).*

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